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Design Department

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Mainly committed to the design and production of various non-standard products, tailor-made various intelligent solutions for customers, and promote the creation of their own brands.

Our technical team has many years of non-standard design experience. Mechanical design engineers are proficient in using 3D, Solidworks, and Pro E design software, intuitive and clear. Electrical control engineers are familiar with electrical control wiring industry standards and operating specifications, proficient in various brand PLC, touch screen programming; proficient in PCB production, single-chip programming; proficient in VB, VC++ and other high-level programming languages to write control software, user-friendly interface and convenient operation. Good at servo motor control, familiar with machine vision solutions, proficient in the use of various brand CCDs, lenses and image capture cards, providing customers with a package of integrated solutions such as design, development and integration in visual positioning, character recognition, and size measurement.

Our management team has rich management experience and modern management concepts, and uses project management technology to follow up the project progress, quality, cost, etc., to ensure that the project is completed on time with quality and quantity. Set up a project team according to project requirements, communicate effectively with customers, form a project plan, and define the scope of the project. Compile WBS according to the design plan, draw a schedule, arrange resources according to the schedule, and control time. Introduce QFD method for quality control, convert customer needs into our technical indicators, and consider the processing, assembly and commissioning of spare parts in the design stage, and subsequent process requirements such as easy operation of equipment, coordination of procedures, and ease of maintenance.


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Add:Room 301, Building 2, No. 5, Xinguyong Industrial 3rd Road, Wanjiang Street, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

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